Seán. Hampshire, UK.

I like video games, comic books, pro wrestling and ladies like Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence or Anna Kendrick.

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there are only a few of you who carry the light of the traveler, who have the strength to fight the darkness. i’m not going to lie to you, guardian. you are earth’s last hope.

(Source: alistaiirs)


: Milena Canonero costume design for The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014).

"The more I work for [Wes] the more I see he is crystalizing his cinematic style to go with it. One has to immerse oneself into it, his world, which at first seems so light, but has many layers… We had meetings and also exchanges of ideas and references not just for the costumes themselves, but the total look of the principal characters from head to toe. One also is stimulated by looking not only at the real people of that time, but also at other images and literature that are unrelated to the period and the setting of the story. The look of each actor has to have its raison d’être." (x)